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My Story


                           My inspiration  

     My inspiration is staring this website is the desire to keep the Iraqi traditions and national Iraqi recipes alive. Also, I would like to inspire other people to use these recipes to cook for their family and friend and to enjoy Iraqi food, culture, and traditions. Just like how my Mom cooked these recipes for her family, friends, relatives, and even strangers where they got to enjoy the taste of flavors and filled their stomach till there is no space to put another drop of water or a morsel in it. My Mom cooked with love and style, her food was full of flavor and she always took the extra effort to make her food aesthetically pleasing to the eye. My mom's food was enticingly delicious and exquisitely presented, an experience that I crave to have never ended.    


                                My Goal

      My inspiration in doing this website is to generate revenue so I can fulfill my lifelong dream of extending a helping hand to orphan children around the world. 50% of the generated income through this website will be donated to help orphan children around the world.


                                 My Childhood


     My father came to America to study for his Master's degree in Lawrence, Kansas where I was born. I am the third child of seven children. My family moved back to Baghdad, Iraq, where most of my childhood years were spent. I have enjoyed my childhood tremendously. What I loved the most is the strong family ties with my grandfathers, grandmothers, aunts, uncles, and my many nephew and nieces. The summertime was the most joyful day of my life, constantly playing in the neighborhoods with other children and my relative that you could not count them. My grandparents lived in the same neighborhood as my parents, including some of my uncles and aunts, and of course, they all had children close to my age.

Friday is the holiday in Iraq which is the biggest family gathering ever, it was the most wonderful day of the week. I remember they used to gather in my grandparents’ house. The whole family would cook the most wonderful and most delicious food ever. Lunchtime is the biggest meal of the day, which is around two or three in the afternoon. We did not have a table big enough to fit everyone, so we all sat on the floor. Pushing, shoving, laughing, and cracking up. After this big meal everyone just takes a nap, because at this time the weather is extremely hot, around five clocks everyone would go outside and sit in the garden,  We would make Iraqi tea and sweets.  I remember my aunt will tell jokes and stories, with everyone laughing and enjoying themselves. After that, we would have small sandwiches, cheese with bread or Kabab, and would be always watermelon. They usually stay until 10 to 11 clock at night then everyone would go home. My childhood memories are filled with happiness, family, and food. The best thing a child could ever wish or dream of.


                                My Adulthood


     My father decided to continue his education to get his doctoral degree, he received a scholarship from the Iraqi government to continue his education in the United States with all paid expenses for four years. My father jumped at the chance to further finish his education. We moved back to the United States, I was 13 years old at that time and my parents stayed in the United State since then.


                             My Education 


      I went to Oklahoma state university, where I met my husband and got married. It was my first year in college and it was my husband's last year in college. He finished his college degree in Civil Engineering and then went to finish his master's degree. After he finished his schooling my husband found a job in New Jersey, so I dropped college and went with him. As my memories of a childhood lived with me and how beautiful a big family can be, I also wanted a big family, and my love of learning and continuing my education was still lingering in my mind. As my children grew up and started school I decided to go back to school and continue my education, I went to Middlesex community county college in Edison, NJ, and finish my Associate degree in Business administration, also started my own business, a pre-school, Fundays Academy. I worked and managed it for three years. I wanted to continue my education further, so I applied to Rutgers Business School in New Brunswick, NJ, and got accepted. I have completed my Bachelor degree in Business Management and started to work for Advanced Engineering Group as an administration  manager for the past six years


                      My Cooking Experience 


     When I was young I have always watched my Mom cooked all these beautiful and delicious recipes, When I got married I started to cook for my family. I have cooked for events and parties, that my family has celebrated throughout our life on many happy and sad occasions.  I love and enjoy making a great meal, that the whole family gets to enjoy and remember for years to come. Food always brings family, friends, relatives, and love ones together and removes all disputes. I hope you would enjoy these recipes and pass them around to your friends and family. May Allah (God) Bless All.


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