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Meal Plan Ideas for Lunch & Dinner Order these Meals Recipe On the Online Store for 5.95 Enjoy Cooking them for your family

Meal Plan Idea # 1

Kabab Maqley (Fried), with Eggplant, Cauliflower, Veg Salad, and Iraqi Flat Bread 

Meal Plan Idea # 2

Rice with garnish, baked Fish, Okar stew, veg salad, and Iraqi Flatbread.  

Meal Plan Idea # 3

White Rice and Mango Chicken.  

Meal Plan Idea # 4

Rice with ground beef & Peas. Baked chicken with sauce and black bean stew.  

Meal Plan Idea # 5

ground chicken stuffed with mango, baked fries with homemade bread.   

Meal Plan Idea # 6

Basmati Rice With Okara, Herbs, and spices.  

Meal Plan Idea # 7

Basmite Rice with chicken Cury.  

Meal Plan Idea # 8

Basmati Rice, chicken, vegetables with sauce  

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