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Featured Recipes On Baghdad Cuisine 

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Zaatar is made with ground dried thyme, oregano, marjoram, and mixed with toasted sesame seeds, salt, and sometimes they add sumac spices
Iraqi Yogurt Cucumber Salad
Yogurt is the main dish in many Iraqi homes, the Iraqi people enjoy yogurt in many of their meals, they turn the yogurt into a salad, as a drink and they cook yogurt in meats, and chicken.
Kofta (Meatballs) with tomato sauce
I like to cook kofta with rich tomatoes sauce and serve it with basmati rice, you can also serve it with spaghetti, couscous and quinoa.
Mukhalimuh Al-Eiraqiuh
Mukhalimuh, is a mix off ground beef and eggs, the Iraqi people eat this dish during breakfast or dinner.
Iraqi Khoubz Traditional Iraqi Bread
Khoubz is Iraqi flatbread, it is usually made in a clay oven called tanoor, it has a cylindrical shape and curves inward toward the top.
Chicken & Eggplant with Sauce
This recipe is layers of goodness, it has your vegetables and your protein the chicken, it is a full meal in one dish.
Masgouf Iraqi Cooking
Grilled fish is one of traditional Iraqi dish’s ever, also is one of the most favorite dishes to the Iraqi people.
Maraq Bamia Okra with Tomatoes Sauce
Bamia or okra is one of the most favorite and very popular dish in Iraq.
Maraq Shajar zucchini with Tomatoes
Maraq Shajar (zucchini with Tomatoes Sauce)
is a traditional Iraqi dish
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Banana Bread with Honey
Banana Bread with brown sugar, honey cinnamon, Walnuts,
Shredded coconuts  
and dates
Layali Baghdad
Layali Baghdad (The nights of Baghdad) Sweet.
Carrots mixture and the bottom is milk, corn starch and sugar.
Kaykaat Al-andalus strawberry cake
Kaykat Al-Andalus (Al-Andalus cake) Strawberry Cake
Al-Malwiyya (Swirls) Carrot Cake
Al-Malwiyya (Swirls) Iraqi Sweet
Orange Swirls Carrot Cake
butternut squach
In accident recipe and turn out to be a very delicious one, Check it out.
Iraqi Lentil Shorbeh (soup)
Lentil soup keeps your soul warm especially during the winter time, when it is so cold outside and you come home to have a big bowl of lentil soup, it will keep you so warm and the taste is so hearty, filling, and tasty.
Iraqi Bread (Samoon)
The Iraqi Samoon is consumed mainly in Iraq and some part of the Middle East, it is usually baked in traditional stone ovens. Samoon is one of the most common bread in Iraq, alongside with Khubz (flat Iraqi bread).
Marqat Fasolia (white beans stew)
Marqat Fasolia (white beans (haricot tarbais Bean) with meat stew) Iraq recipe.
Kunafa with Ricotta Cheese and Walnuts
It is traditional Arabic sweet cooked in many homes in the Middle-East. It is made with Kunafa phyllo dough, Ricotta cheese, sweet butter, walnuts and brown sugar. Then syrup poured over the Kunafa mix. It is heavenly. It is very simple and easy to make.
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Makdous Stuffed Eggplants
Makdous is stuffed small size eggplants soaked in olive oil, it is part of Middle Eastern cuisine (Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Iraq).
Chicken Mango Sandwich
I added lots of bold flavors, like balsamic vinegar, hoisin sauce, cento pesto sauce basil and hot sauce to the chicken and the stuffing.
Baked Potato Wedge & Yogurt Dip
Potatoes are one of the most favorite comfort foods ever exist
Pickled Turnips and Beets (Tarshey)
Pickled turnip and beets are one of the most favorite Iraqi side dishes. It is must have during a meal and making sandwiches (Falafel, Kabab, Gyro, and Chicken).
Lablabi (Chickpea) Iraqi Snack
Lablabi is a very popular and simple Iraqi dish sold in the busiest street in Iraq, the dish literally has only chickpeas with a broth, and it is so delicious and heartwarming especially in the winter time.
Yogurt & Veg dish
This is very simple dish but has strong delicious flavors especially if you grill all the vegetables.
Chureck (bread) stuffed with cheese
Chureck is an Iraqi bread stuffed with cheese or dates,
AL-Rumman (Pomegranate) & yogurt Del
This dish extremely delicious and very healthy, there is definitely no guilty feeling in eating this dish.
The Fifth Voyage Coconut-Nut
The Fifth Voyage Coconut-Nut ( jawz hindī ) Vegans Sweet
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Veg Okra Dish
Okra is one of the most popular and favorites dishes in Iraq,
Kubba Al-Mosul
Kubba Al-Mosul is named after a major city in northern Iraq and It is the most famous and authentic Iraqi dishes in all around the cities of Iraq
Khoubz is Iraqi flatbread
Dumplings with yogurt Sauce
Iraqi Burghul (cracked wheat) Dumplings with yogurt Sauce
Iraqi Tapsi (casserole dish)
Iraqi Tapsi (casserole dish)Kubba burghul(Cracked Wheat)
Eggplant with tomatoes sauce
Iraqi Burghul  Dumpling
Iraqi Burghul (cracked wheat) Dumplings with vegetables and tomato Sauce
Kubba Brughul
Kubba Brughul (Cracked Wheat) with lentil soup
Makdous Stuffed Eggplants
Makdous is stuffed small size eggplants soaked in olive oil, it is part of Middle Eastern cuisine
Falafel is the most popular and famous food ever, throughout the Middle East mostly in Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Iraq.
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