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Amba (Mango Pickle Condiment) Salad

Updated: Mar 26

Amba is mango pickle condiment, it is very popular in Iraqi and Middle Eastern cuisine. It is made of mangoes, vinegar, salt, mustard, turmeric, and chili. It is a savory dish and tangy in taste. Amba is often used in Iraqi cuisine, it is added to falafel, kebab, Beef and chicken Shawarma and it is used as side dish or made into a salad. Amba is made ready in glass jars and sold in many Arabic and Indian stores. I usually buy the Amba ready and make it into a salad by adding cherry tomatoes, green pepper and lime juice.


  • Chopped Amba (Mango Pickle Condiment) into small piece

  • Cherry tomatoes cut into half

  • Green pepper cut into small piece

  • ½ teaspoon of lime juice


  • In small bowl combine the Amba (mango pickled), cherry tomatoes, green pepper and lime juice and mix altogether.

Most of the Indian or Arabic store carry Amba jars, Amba is pickeled Mango, one of the most Iraqi favorites dishes.


The Amba salad usually goes with other dishes like chicken Kabab and beef Kabab. In the Iraqi home you must have the tea with mint in a small glass with the meal. Enjoy!


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