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The Daily Activities on the Month of Ramadan (the fasting Month)

Ramadan is the name of the 9th month in the Arabic calendar, Ramadan is one of mine most favorite time of the year and it has been for many years. This month is all about giving, sharing, forgiving, caring, helping and the most of all being kind to all people and great emphasis on your neighbors. In this month it bring peace and tranquility to my heart and it make me appreciate and be thankful to what I have. The Ramadan is a very busy month and there is a lots of daily activities that is required upon each Muslim to be accomplished on daily bases. The fasting month it start at early morning before sun set, at this time to take your Suhoor (is the time you can eat before you start your fasting) then you due the Fajr prayer. In the middle of the afternoon you do the Dhuhr prayer, then in the late after noon the Asr prayer, the Maghrib prayers at sundown, when we break fast. It is required to break you fast on a date (it type of fruit that comes from palm trees) if you do not have then water. In the Iraqi home you start your meal with soup and most likely lentil soup and a full course meal. My most favorite part of breaking fast is the Iraqi chai (tea and it has to be little bitter and sweet at the same time) and of course sweet and that is what I await for to break my fast on. The sweet is all Arabic sweet like Basbous, Kunafeh, Baklava, and Qatayef and these are my favorite sweets. All my family gather at breaking fast time and this is done each day of Ramadan, It is so beautiful to have family time, it really bring me joy to see the table full of the most beautiful dishes and your whole family around. Then lastly is the Ash prayer, it is done at the Masjid (place of worship) and there you see all the your friends and people you have not seen in for awhile and you start to caught upon events that occurred in their lives. Then you do the Taraweeh prayer (the night prayers) and you listen to the most beautiful recitation of the Quran. After that we all gather outside for little chat and sometimes people offer you tea, and some sweets. This is how you conclude the end of your fasting day. The next day you start all over again for 30 days. It is the most beautiful and loveliest 30 days of the year.


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