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Khoubz (Iraqi Flat Bread)

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Khoubz is an Iraqi flatbread, it is usually made in a clay oven called tanoor, it has a cylindrical shape and curves inward toward the top. Some regions make the tanoor above ground and some have it underground. Khoubs are very easy to make and it has very simple ingredients, flour, salt, oil, water and yeast or no yeast It depends on your preferred taste. Khoubs can be used in varieties of dishes, as sandwiches, dips or just straight from the oven and that is how my family likes it. When I made khoubz my husband and children begin to eat it as soon as it is done, so I started to hide it until I complete the batch of dough. There is no way that there is leftover khoubz for the next day no matter how much.

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Khoubz (Iraqi Flat Bread) Recipe

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