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My Secret Recipe Revealed 

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Burghul Casserole Recipe  $2.49
Iraqi Tapsi (casserole dish) Secret Recipe # 1
Kubba burghul(Cracked Wheat) stuffed with meat and herbs then topped with Eggplant, onions, green peppers with tomatoes sauce. For Sale for only $2.49 half of the proceedings will go to help orphan children around the world.
Burghul Dumpling Recipe $2.49
Secret Recipe # 2
Iraqi Burghul (cracked wheat) Dumplings with vegetables & tomato Sauce.
Brughul & lentil Recipe $2.49.
Secret Recipe # 3
Kubba brughul (Cracked Wheat) with lentil soup. Like to serve it with basmati rice.
Burghul kubba Al-mosul Recipe $2.49
Secret Recipe # 4
Kubba Al-Mosul is named after a major city in northern Iraq and It is the most famous and authentic Iraqi dishes in all around the cities of Iraq.
Burghul yogurt Sauce Recipe $ 2.49
Iraqi Burghul (cracked wheat) Dumplings with yogurt Sauce
Baghdadi Makluba $2.49
Arabic upside-down chicken and rice meal Secret Recipe # 6
Pocket Sandwiches to Go. $2.49
Pocket Sandwiches, made of dough stuffed with groundbeef or Chicken toped with cheese.
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