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My Secret Recipe Revealed 

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Burghul Casserole Recipe  $2.49
Iraqi Tapsi (casserole dish) Secret Recipe # 1
Kubba burghul(Cracked Wheat) stuffed with meat and herbs then topped with Eggplant, onions, green peppers with tomatoes sauce. For Sale for only $2.49 half of the proceedings will go to help orphan children around the world.
Burghul Dumpling Recipe $2.49
Secret Recipe # 2
Iraqi Burghul (cracked wheat) Dumplings with vegetables & tomato Sauce.
Brughul & lentil Recipe $2.49.
Secret Recipe # 3
Kubba brughul (Cracked Wheat) with lentil soup. Like to serve it with basmati rice.
Burghul kubba Al-mosul Recipe $2.49
Secret Recipe # 4
Kubba Al-Mosul is named after a major city in northern Iraq and It is the most famous and authentic Iraqi dishes in all around the cities of Iraq.
Iraqi Kuba Burghul with Yogurt Sauce
Iraqi Burghul (cracked wheat) with yogurt Sauce
Baghdadi Makluba $2.49
Arabic upside-down chicken and rice meal Secret Recipe # 6
Pocket Sandwiches to Go. $2.49
Pocket Sandwiches, made of dough stuffed with groundbeef or Chicken toped with cheese.
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